Forgive and Forget?

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte issued Proclamation No. 572 voiding the amnesty granted to then military rebel and now senator, Antonio Trillanes. Rodrigo subsequently ordered the arrest of Trillanes, giving instructions for the revival of the rebellion and coup d’état cases against the senator that were dismissed by the courts in 2011. This despite Proclamation No. 75 … Continue reading Forgive and Forget?

You want to make God laugh?

Tell him your plans! I say this tongue-in-cheek, okay? The Lord Jesus himself warns us about the waste and embarrassment that result from the lack (or absence) of planning. He said: But don’t begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building without first calculating the cost to see if … Continue reading You want to make God laugh?

Is God Stupid?

Philippine Senator Panfilo Lacson is correct. When President Rodrigo Duterte called God “stupid” because of the concept of original sin and remained unapologetic despite the outrage, Sen. Lacson said: “When he talks, Filipinos listen for different reasons—some are waiting for his mistakes so they can have a field day criticizing him; others want to be … Continue reading Is God Stupid?

Bible Engagement in the Philippines

National Bible Month in the Philippines is drawing to a close. I think it is timely to share some Bible Engagement-related results from the Spiritual Needs survey that the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches commissioned a few months ago. What is Bible Engagement? The term might be new to you, so let me define it. … Continue reading Bible Engagement in the Philippines

Connected but Disconnected

 I saw this poster at Craft Coffee Revolution, a coffee shop at the new Estancia Mall in Pasig City. Imagine that! These days, we need to be reminded to “talk to each other.” Why? Because wherever we go, we see people buried in their mobile devices! It doesn’t matter whether you are in a cozy … Continue reading Connected but Disconnected

Are We a Christian Nation?

Several months ago, the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, in partnership with the World Evangelical Alliance and Back to the Bible International, commissioned a national Spiritual Needs survey with the goal of determining the spiritual needs and Bible engagement levels of the Philippines. So, in the coming weeks, my posts will be concise analyses of … Continue reading Are We a Christian Nation?

The Pressures that Shape Us

I was at the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming yesterday and marveled at the beauty of everything in it--the wildlife (we saw a few elk, bears, bisons, and a stuffed moose!), the geysers, the gorgeous lake, and the magnificent terrain. The picture on the right shows what is called the "Grand Canyon of Yellowstone." You … Continue reading The Pressures that Shape Us