“Sana hindi mangyari iyan sa inyo ni Dahl.”

We listened to a very touching sermon in our church's worship celebration yesterday. The speaker and his wife had been regarded as pioneer "musicianaries" who share the love and truth of Jesus Christ with the people of Japan through the black gospel music genre. Thousands of people hear and sing the gospel every year. However, … Continue reading “Sana hindi mangyari iyan sa inyo ni Dahl.”


Vancouver: Graveyard of Pastors?

My wife and I recently visited Canada for the first time. Like many who have been there, we left with a desire to go back. We loved the place--both the cities and the spectacular wonders of nature. We loved the Canadians as well. They were polite and kept saying "I'm sorry" all the time. One … Continue reading Vancouver: Graveyard of Pastors?

Building a Doughnut Ministry

I love doughnuts. Krispy Kreme's Original Glazed, Go Nuts Donuts' Chocolate Frost, J.Co.'s Alcapone, and Cello's Oreo doughnuts--I will enjoy these any day of the week, any time of the day. I know, I know. It's bad for my health; but they're just so good! However, after hearing Pastor Philip Tarroja speak at an event … Continue reading Building a Doughnut Ministry

Myths about Missionaries

October is Missions-Emphasis Month in many churches in the Philippines. And so, one of our supporting churches, Greenhills Christian Fellowship-East, asked me to give a report on our recently-concluded assignment in the Americas Area. Rather than simply showing pictures of places we've been and people we've met, I shared some misconceptions about missionaries that apply … Continue reading Myths about Missionaries

Breakdown of Decency

Recently, I and 60 other church leaders went on a vision trip sponsored by an organization which, in partnership with local churches, is trying to make a difference in the lives of more than 100,000 Filipinos who are living in unspeakable poverty--people who each earn around PHP20 a day (or US$0.46). On this trip, we … Continue reading Breakdown of Decency

Treating the Scriptures as Bookends

I heard a very good message in church yesterday. It was relevant, inspiring and thought-provoking. The speaker was very good as well. He confronted the people confidently and lovingly. His illustrations were funny but on point. He held the attention of the people from beginning to end. While he was not the regular preacher of … Continue reading Treating the Scriptures as Bookends

The Damage Has Been Done

When I asked a few friends to recommend some healthy food to include in my diet, one of them said, "Lloyd, at our age, it doesn't matter--the damage has been done." This remark, said in jest, is rather glum, right? I think that it is never too late to change one's lifestyle. Today is always … Continue reading The Damage Has Been Done