The Miss Universe 2016 fever continues to rage in the Philippines. There seems to be a never-ending stream of comments on Maxine Medina's response to the question, "What is the most significant change you've seen in the last 10 years?" Maxine had only a few seconds to come up with a response. The rest of … Continue reading


Blessed Subtractions

I just trimmed the bougainvilleas in our front lawn. It looks messy and ugly now--just like any other plant when you trim or prune it. But wait for a couple of months and you'll see the beauty resulting from this trimming. As you start the new year, your life might need some trimming. Some things … Continue reading Blessed Subtractions

The Best Deal of the Season

I was at the mall yesterday, two days before Christmas. It was full with people doing their last-minute shopping. They all seem to have a lot of money, and retailers know how to encourage shoppers to spend those last few pesos in their pockets. We see enticing deals like "Up to 70% off on selected … Continue reading The Best Deal of the Season

“Am I my brother’s keeper?” – Our Selfie Worldview

A few days ago, I was in this Uber car. I like using Uber because Uber drivers are normally excellent political analysts. And this particular driver asked some very penetrating questions as we talked about current events: “Why aren't we united?” “Why don't we care for each other?” “Why can't we set aside our self-interests?” … Continue reading “Am I my brother’s keeper?” – Our Selfie Worldview

A Monument to their Stupidity

I grew up being taught at home and in school not to call anyone stupid. It's such a strong word. It's insulting. It's demeaning. It's derisive. It provokes fights. In fact, the Lord Jesus said: "Thoughtlessly yell 'stupid' at a sister and you are on the brink of hellfire" (Matthew 5:22 The Message). In spite … Continue reading A Monument to their Stupidity

I love my mother-in-law!

I am so fortunate to have an awesome mother-in-law. Ima, as we fondly call her, is an embodiment of the Proverbs 31 woman. Hands-down. Here are some verses that aptly describe Ima (vv. 17-20,25-27). She is energetic and strong, a hard worker. She makes sure her dealings are profitable; her lamp burns late into the … Continue reading I love my mother-in-law!

Empty Nest: Both Fun and Awful

I expected that my wife and I have three more months before we have an empty nest. Our older son Ian, who had been living with us for all 26 years of his life, is getting married in December. Perhaps I was just naïve enough to think that he would only move out a few … Continue reading Empty Nest: Both Fun and Awful