aaron-lee-kuan-leng-Pbe2aUWXo28-unsplashThe government is slowly easing coronavirus-related restrictions in the country. Unbelievable, right? A significant flattening of the curve has not yet been achieved. Are we really ready to go back to our regular routines? Maybe not, but I want to quote a time-tested adage: “This, too, shall pass away.” 

COVID-19 is not here to stay. So whether we lift the restrictions now or a few months later, I believe that this deadly virus shall pass away. A vaccine will be developed soon. Herd immunity will be achieved. The human race would move on with admirable resiliency and astonishing advancements. 

In view of this, here is a word of advice: flip the switch.

Let me explain. When you flip a light switch on, a surge of energy traveling at 0.01 seconds races to your light bulb, bringing it to life. I am sure you have an idea where I am going with this metaphor.

COVID-19 has brought so much of life to a screeching halt. Lives were lost. Businesses, schools, government offices, and churches closed. Many started working from home; others lost their jobs. It is normal to brood over what you have lost but do not unnecessarily extend your grieving period. If you’re feeling hopeless or sorry for yourself, please stop it. It’s time to flip the switch. Start making life-giving decisions. Here are some examples:

  • Professional. Your work or business might need some drastic changes because of the challenges that our new realities present. Flip the switch and consult with companies like Foundry Partners in your journey toward digital transformation.
  • Physical: Even if you are not yet allowed to leave your house, end that sedentary habit of movie-binging. Flip the switch and start exercising. Here is a 7-minute workout to reduce belly fat. You can spare seven minutes a day for a week, right?
  • Mental: Your brain cells might have degenerated because of all the KDramas you have been watching for the past two months. Flip the switch and start learning again. Watch YouTube videos on how to bake your own bread, or how to prepare a PowerPoint presentation, or how to edit videos. Read a book. This week I am reading The Connected Generation by the Barna Group.
  • Emotional. Being confined to your home could have caused some measure of emotional distress. You don’t have to suffer alone. Help is available. Flip the switch and seek assistance from professional and pastoral counselors. 
  • Spiritual. In your old normal, you may not have been cultivating your relationship with God. Flip the switch and pursue a real relationship with God. Read the Bible. Join online worship celebrations. You might want to join my weekly online Bible study.

I remember this conversation in the Bible between Philip and his friend Nathanael. Philip excitedly declared, “We’ve found the One we’ve been waiting for! It’s Jesus, son of Joseph from Nazareth, the Anointed One!” Incredulous, Nathanael blurted out, “Nazareth? What good thing could ever come from Nazareth?” (John 1:45-46). Well, we know what happened. Jesus Christ from Nazareth turned out to be the long-awaited Savior of the world. 

Today, you might be expressing the same incredulity of Nathanael by saying, “COVID-19? What good thing could ever come from COVID-19?” 

If so, let me share Philip’s invitation and add to it—

“Come and let’s find out! Flip the switch!”


Photo credit: Aaron Lee Kuan Leng, Unsplash


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