A few days ago, someone broke into our office. He was able to force open the iron gate and the front door at the main entrance. He obviously was able to enter the office but fortunately, the burglar alarm went off.  He left in haste and had no time to take anything. It was good too that no one was at the office at the time of the break-in. And it’s also good to know that the alarm system works.

RazorWireFenceThe owner of the building has sent workers to repair the damaged gate and door. She is also planning to put those menacing razor wire fencing around her property. It will help secure the place, but it sure looks ugly. Actually, many houses here in Costa Rica look like the one on the left. The beauty of the houses are spoiled by those hideous razor wires. However, they have no choice; break-ins are very common. Our former director’s house was robbed twice in the last five years. Several friends have also reported similar experiences.

This is so ironic because Costa Rica ranked as the happiest nation in the world in 2009. Yet you will see that they have some serious concerns about personal safety. In fact, Napo, the one in charge of the repairs, told me that with all the safety measures that are installed, homeowners feel like prisoners in their own homes. There are some limits to happiness, no?

This incident reminded me of what Jesus said in John 10:10–“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy.” Jesus warned that all of us, not only Costa Ricans, face a greater threat than house robbers. He was talking about Satan, the great adversary of our Lord and of our souls. Make no mistake about it. Satan’s intentions are clear: he will kill, steal and destroy. Satan is the great thief. If you are not careful, he will rob you of the opportunity of living out God’s purposes.

The best defense against this Great Thief is yielding to the Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ. His intentions are clear as well. Jesus said “My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”

Will you allow Jesus to fulfil his purpose in your life?


One thought on “We almost got robbed!

  1. And if, instead of yielding to the Great Shepherd, we build our own razor-wire defenses, we lose our freedom; we are imprisoned. Powerful metaphor, PLoyld.

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