vlcsnap-2015-02-16-17h31m31s197The Miss Universe 2016 fever continues to rage in the Philippines. There seems to be a never-ending stream of comments on Maxine Medina’s response to the question, “What is the most significant change you’ve seen in the last 10 years?” Maxine had only a few seconds to come up with a response. The rest of us, however, have had a lot of time to think through the question; therefore, do not claim that you could have given a pageant-winning response.

The question Steve Harvey asked acknowledges that the world is in constant motion. It is always changing. Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, is credited with saying, “Change is the only constant in life.” This is definitely true over the past 10 years.

One observable change is the constitution of the world’s population. For example, if we could shrink the 7.5 billion people of the world into a village of 100 people, this is how the village would look like today:

50 would be female
50 would be male

25 would be children
There would be 75 adults,
9 of whom would be 65 and older

There would be:
60 Asians
16 Africans
14 people from the Americas
10 Europeans

31 Christians
23 Muslims
15 Hindus
7 Buddhists
8 people who practice other religions
16 people who would not be aligned with a religion

12 would speak Chinese
6 would speak Spanish
5 would speak English
4 would speak Hindi
3 would speak Arabic
3 would speak Bengali
3 would speak Portuguese
2 would speak Russian
2 would speak Japanese
60 would speak other languages

86 would be able to read and write; 14 would not

7 would have a college degree
40 would have an Internet connection

78 people would have a place to shelter them
from the wind and the rain, but 22 would not

1 would be dying of starvation
11 would be undernourished
22 would be overweight

91 would have access to safe drinking water
9 people would have no clean, safe water to drink

Due to advances in technology and the prevalence of social media, this “global village”is becoming smaller and smaller. It is so easy to get connected with anyone anywhere in the world. This connectedness gives us the feeling of living in a village where everybody knows everyone. Through social media, it is so easy to express love, concern, sympathy and solidarity with loved ones or with those in distress who are living halfway around the globe.  Sadly, it also becomes so easy to express our displeasure and hatred over Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

How shall we live then in view of the fact that our global village is constantly changing and getting smaller? That’s simple. Follow the Golden Rule:

“Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets”(Matthew 7:12 NLT).


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  1. Super Korek ka diyan Pastor. dami talaga feeling galing. Ikaw kaya harap sa people of the world. Baka you won’t even be able to say anything at all.

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