IMG_0670When my son, Alan, was in high school he expressed clearly what he wanted to pursue in college: major in Computer Science and study in the U.S. He was admitted to two excellent universities in the Philippines; one of them even offered him a full scholarship in their Computer Science degree program. With this promise of scholarship and the high cost of studying in the U.S., Alan started conditioning his mind that God wanted him to study here in the Philippines. I told him that we will keep praying and asking for God’s leading because “if it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill.” Fast forward to May 2014: Alan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. God provided in many ways for every dollar he needed. All praise to God our heavenly Father!

The Bible teaches that those who believe in and receive Jesus Christ are given the right to become children of God (John1:12). Think of that for a moment. If your father is the God who said “the world is mine, and all that is in it” (Psalm 50:12), will he ever run out of resources to provide for his children? No. Will he provide for all the things we ask of the Father? Not necessarily. How, then, can we “tap” into the unlimited resources of our Father?
Well, here are simple reminders from my life verse is Matthew 6:33–“Seek the Kingdom of God above else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.”
  1. Our primary concern must be the Kingdom of God, not what God can give us.
  2. God commands us to live righteously; i.e. according to the standards of his Kingdom.
  3. The Kingdom of God informs and sanctifies our desires. In other words, when we seek God’s Kingdom, we align our will with the will of our King.
  4. God will give everything we need when all of the above are met.
You may be facing insurmountable challenges this week. Your unmet needs may be causing you to lose heart. I encourage you to take your focus off these challenges and needs. Seek God our heavenly Father first. Love him above all else. Seek his Kingdom. Live according to his will. Pray for discernment. Our Father will foot the bill, if it is his will.
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