imageAt the start of 2015, you may have made some commitments (a.k.a. resolutions) that you believe could help you become a better person. Well, we’re now in the month of March; how’s everything? Now is a good time for personal evaluation. Consider the following questions.

  • You promised to spend more time with your spouse and children. Will they be able to say that you have been true to your promise?
  • You promised to give up that enslaving habit. Do you sneak out and secretly engage in it?
  • You promised to devote more time in Bible reading and prayer. Do you still spend more time on social media and watching TV?
  • You promised to read more for personal growth. Have you actually finished reading one book since January?
  • You promised to be more patient. Do you still habitually beat the red light or blare your horn when a car is in front of you?
  • You promised to manage your finances better. Do you continue with your habit of impulse buying?

I do not know what commitments you’ve made. But I want you to be honest before yourself and the Lord. If your character and actions do not match up with your words, you’re a phony. You’re a fake. In the Philippines, we say, “You’re plastic.” That’s usually a painful thing to hear but it’s a warning to us that sooner or later, we all get exposed.

Today, I renew my commitment to live for the glory of God. I prayed:

You are my God, and I will praise you! You are my God, and I will exalt you! (Psalm 118:28)

Yes, that’s what I intend to do. However, while I know that clear intentions are good, they are not a substitute for the right actions to match such intentions. So, I need your help. If you see me doing something that does not exalt our God, please call my attention. (Truthfully but gently and privately, please.) I want to be accountable. I want to be a genuine and obedient disciple of Christ; I don’t want to just fake it. I don’t want to be plastic.

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