IMG_0084In a couple of days, Dahl and I will be celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary. As a result of the many arguments we had all these years, I think I am wiser now. Here is my counsel to husbands on how to win arguments with your wives.











I have learned that winning is not the goal of any argument with Dahl. In fact, the winner of our arguments feels just as miserable as the loser. So, in most instances, I choose to be happy, rather than being right.

Humility, being quick to listen than to speak, promptness to ask and dispense forgiveness, and willingness to change are some of the keys to peace and growing love in our marriage. I am thankful to God for deciding to “make a helper who is just right for” me (Genesis 2:18 NLT). And I am thankful to Dahl for choosing me to be her partner in life and ministry. What an honor!

Happy anniversary, Sweet. I love you.


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