LloydLaughingI love having a good laugh. I enjoy cracking and listening to jokes. I want being around people with an infectious, healthy sense of humor. Many of my friends consider me funny, seriously.

However, appreciating humor when you’re in a different cultural and language setting is no laughing matter. This is what I’m experiencing here in Costa Rica.

I just came from a 2-day pastors’ conference. All the sessions were in Spanish. All the speakers spoke Spanish. When I listened intently, I understood most of what they said. But with the jokes, it was different. I get excited as a speaker set up the premise of his joke, but when he delivered the punchline, I missed it altogether. I just ended up laughing–at myself, for laughing along with the other pastors even if I didn’t get the joke!

I guess understanding humor in a cross-cultural setting is the “last frontier” in my language learning. I did not understand the jokes of my new Latino friends because of two reasons. First, I noticed that when they delivered a punchline, they spoke so much faster. In a normal conversation, it feels like a Costa Rican speaks 8-10 words per second; and in a joke, he delivers the punchline in lightning speed! My brain is too slow to translate Spanish that is spoken that fast.

Second, and more importantly, I failed to understand the jokes because I still do not have enough background of the culture and experiences of these pastors. Obviously, their jokes involved information that they already knew and shared with one another, and I didn’t know any of that.

So, where do I go from here? How do I conquer this last frontier? Well, my options are:

  • Option A: Increase my resolve to learn Spanish better–not just to learn more words, but to become more familiar with the background that influences the choice of these words in a story or conversation.
  • Option B: Ask my Spanish-speaking friends to deliver their punchlines in English!

Any bright ideas?

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6 thoughts on “I don’t get the punchline

  1. I bet if you stayed in Costa Rica for 5 more years, you’d be able to get all the jokes pretty well :>

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