7214It’s the start of another week. I would have dashed off to pursue my plans like a car that is in cruise-control. Except that I just watched this movie, Blue Like Jazz–the closing dialog forced me to reflect on how I plan to live out my week.

In this dialog, Donald Miller apologized to his atheist friend for misrepresenting God all throughout his freshman year at Reed College. That year, he tried to conceal the fact that he was a Christian. He was ashamed of hypocrites in the church. They caused others to doubt the relevance and power of the gospel that they preach. He even admitted that he was ashamed of Jesus. But in so doing, Miller himself became a hypocrite. He wasn’t a credible witness for the Christ he was supposed to be representing in his campus.

Powerful stuff. I hope you get to watch the movie. (Or read the book of the same title.)

I am a Christian, a pastor, and a missionary. You would think that I consciously strive to represent God in everything that I do and say everyday, right? Wrong. Sometimes, I get caught up in my daily routine that I just do and say things mechanically. Mindlessly. Cruise-control best describes how my week would have gone if not for this movie.

So we are Christ’s ambassadors; God is making his appeal through us. We speak for Christ when we plead, “Come back to God!” (2 Corinthians 5:20 emphasis added).

Today I come before God asking for forgiveness for forgetting the fact that as I talk with Ernest, Laura and Luz this week, I must do so as an ambassador of Christ. I take it for granted that as I go to the gym to exercise, as I go to the Apple store to have Dahl’s laptop repaired, and as I make phone calls to at least 20 Hispanic pastors in Texas–that God wants me to do all these as his representative.

God, I am sorry for misrepresenting you before my fellow believers and before those who don’t believe in you. I have taken for granted my role of an ambassador of Christ. Thank you for using the story of Donald Miller to remind me to live this new week with a clear intention of representing you honorably by the way I speak and act.


3 thoughts on “Misrepresenting God

  1. This is my devotion for the day:) God is always present… its us that sometimes ignore Him in the midst of life’s demands, I tend to set Him aside and just let Him into my daily routine when I am already in “panic mode”- God forgive me for being such a “hypocrite ” too. God forgive me.

    1. Isn’t it amazing that God remains to be gracious to us in spite of our shortcomings? And isn’t it a blessing that God places us in a community so that we could help each other to love and serve him better?

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