Lloyd, GroupHugThat basically summed up what Simon (not his real name) wanted to tell me. I don’t know what triggered his bout of loneliness a few days ago but it seems that recently there are just so many lonely people around me. What was alarming is Simon’s confession that he didn’t have true friends; this in spite of the fact that he is an active member of a local Christian church.

  • Well, apparently it is possible to be a member of a civic club, a soccer team, or even a church and still have no friends.
  • It is even possible to have 1,500 Facebook friends and still have no friends.
  • It is also possible to have 200 Twitter followers and still have no friends.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

My counsel to Simon was simple: be a friend. Take the initiative in building relationships with a few men in school. Go deeper than the friendships that social networking provides. Spend time with these men. Get to know them. Listen to their stories. Be open and let them know you too. Pray with them and for them. The apostle Paul gave good advice on this matter:

“Enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts” (2 Timothy 2:22b NLT).

Paul gave this advice not simply to ensure Timothy won’t get lonely. He told Timothy to build solid friendships that would help him pursue righteous living, faithfulness, love, and peace. At the end of the day, friendships give us much more than a cure for the blues. They give us a community within which we, individually and corporately, could accomplish the purposes of God.

So, here is one advice on living intentionally for God: be a good and godly friend.

I am trying to be such to Simon.


5 thoughts on “I am lonely. I don’t have any friends.

  1. Sadly, Simon is not the only one. That happens a lot here. Many people are afraid to trust anyone outside of their family, and sadly, some family members can’t even be trusted. Group of people, especially young people, get together and can hang out for hours shooting the breeze and never talking about anything meaningful. Finding and making real friends is a real challenge in this culture!!!

    1. That’s a very good insight into this culture, Carrie. Thanks. Now, how do we bring about a positive change among our Tico friends, or should I say, acquaintances?

  2. Low esteem are prevalent in this generation. Peer pressure and media tell them that they needed to be physically beautiful to be accepted in this society. In the church, there are cliques, that new comers who would like to find true friends, true relationships, etc. find themselves outsiders and being push away.

    We really need to make an effort to reach out to people and break through this “unfriendly wall” and plant a seed of friendship that needed to be cared everyday.
    to show them the true meaning of a friend base on Christ.

  3. Hi!!! I’m sure that Simon is right now so grateful with this counsel!!! Blessings Kuya Lloyd we still learning so many thing trough your teaching!!!

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