Today, Dahl and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. What a blessed journey it has been so far. We also reaffirmed our marriage vows last Sunday during the worship service at Vallejo International Baptist Church. After the service, several people congratulated us saying that in this day and age, being married to the same person for 25 years is a grand accomplishment. Honestly, I felt sad after hearing that.
My parents’ marriage ended in divorce. I know from experience how devastating divorce can be. The pain of a severed marriage relationship is unimaginable. I can never understand how the home, supposedly the safest place on earth, can also be the source of unspeakable sorrow. This is not God’s original design for the home.
For marriage to be a truly satisfying relationship, we must must make up our mind and believe that marriage is God’s idea. We must decide to let God be the Lord of our marriage. We need to follow Joshua’s resolve:  “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve … But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). I believe this is the basis of Charles Swindoll’s quote–“Home is where life makes up its mind.”
I have made up my mind 25 years ago. And I affirm that choice daily. Dahl is my God’s best. My lifetime partner. My wife. And if the Lord decides to let us live on this earth for another 25 years, then we choose to live these years together, for the glory of God.
My intentions are clear.

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