Perhaps you’ve seen this picture on my Facebook wall. On the first day of our 2-week vacation in the US, my wife asked to go to her favorite burger joint, In-N-Out. Some friends commented that this was their favorite as well. But I like the comment of my Swedish friend Magnus the best:
“Did that, done that…do it again!!!! The best of the worst!!”
Fast food are very popular because they are readily available, convenient, easy to cook, and great tasting. However, they lack nutritional value. If your diet is composed mostly of fast food, you face serious health risks–obesity, cardiac problems and diabetes, to name a few. Health experts advise us to avoid fast food. But since you’re going to ignore the experts anyway, follow Magnus’ advice: choose the best of the worst! Hahaha.
Choosing to live a life of sin is really a lifestyle of rebellion against God and his purposes. In God’s sight, it’s living life at its worst. However, those who say that that there is no pleasure in sin are mistaken. Each of us know how enjoyable sinning could be. The sense of guilt after the act is something else, though. The warning of Paul, a spiritual “health expert,” cannot be ignored: “All will be condemned — those who did not believe the truth but enjoyed unrighteousness” (2 Thessalonians 2:12 HCSB). Choosing a lifestyle of unrighteousness is like choosing to eat the worst food in spite of being aware of the consequences. Eternal condemnation remains to be the penalty of sin.
Praise God he offers an alternative. Believe in him. Love him. Live for him. Why settle for the best of the worst, when you can have the best of the best?

2 thoughts on “The Best of the Worst

  1. Hello Pastor Lloyd! True! In and Out is the best of the worst. Before I start why, check out their wrappers, soda cups, boxes, trays etc. you can see bible verses printed on them. The burger’s ingredients is nothing else but beef, fresh and never frozen; their fries are cut on site, again never frozen nor transported somewhere else. No preservatives at all. Yep, they are the best!

  2. Best of the best!!? Which restaurant is that??
    It is a quite strong comment: “The best of the worst” in worldly terms or spiritual terms! Tbotw is never enough. It doesn’t matter how good you are in the world. You have to step up a level. You have to jump to the winning team with Jesus Crist!! The best of the best!!!
    God Bless!!!

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