When my friend Benaids learned about my travel schedule for March, she shared with me a very interesting quote–
Travel is the peanut butter of education.
peanut-butterI totally relate to this because I love traveling. And I love peanut butter. Extra chunky. I put it on bread, pancakes, waffles, sweet potato, banana, and other breakfast food. (I hope Claudia, my nutritionist, is not reading this post, or else I’m in trouble!) And so, I have a big smile…and a craving for peanut butter…as I write.
I have been blessed with a lot of formal education–earning a post-graduate degree in 2002. I am energized by research. The joy of discovery is thrilling. It doesn’t matter whether you’re figuring out a mathematical equation, doing inductive Bible study, or analyzing market trends for some industry. Education is all about discovery.
That’s what travel does. It enriches your education through discovery opportunities.
  • You encounter new cultures.
  • You find ways to communicate with others.
  • You are confronted by unfamiliar worldviews.
  • You are amazed by the beauty of a new place, or stirred by the abject poverty of some people groups.
  • You try to survive in less-than-ideal circumstances.
In all these, you learn. And hopefully you are intentional about getting an enjoyable education.  Just like I make my breakfast enjoyable with my chunky peanut butter.
Hmmm. Such a “peanut butter” experience to be seated on 33F, chatting with this lovely couple from Delaware on flight AA2561, traveling from SJO-DFW.

One thought on “The Peanut Butter of Education

  1. Hello friend,

    I’m guessing your love of education (research in particular) wasn’t so present at birth. Were there any books/resources along the way that inspired curiousity or assisted you in synthesizing sources?

    I also agree with the important role travelling plays in education. Most often when I want to learn something, I look for a book. It may seem obvious, but our time in Ethiopia taught me lessons on leadership and compaasion that could never have been learned from a book. I think if we have life long commitments to education/spiritual growth, we should invest in living outside our geographical comfort zone whenever possible.

    Have a great trip!

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